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Content for legal lebOOst-cambodia :


LEBOOST CAMBODIA is published by the LEBOOST MEDIA with capital of 30,000.00 USD with It headquarter located in POC building Floor 6 th #184 street 217, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Registered at the Ministry of Information Ð Licence number 252

For more information, please contact us by mail at the address above.

President Director : Cedric Gertgen
Publishing Director: Soreasmey Ke Bin

This website respects copyright. All copyright protected works reproduced on this website are reserved. Any unauthorized use of works other than reproduction and individual and private consultation is prohibited.

This website is a portal aimed at managers of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and businesses wishing to promote their establishments.

The website is organized throu five main headings:


By becoming a member of LEBOOST CAMBODIA website, you agree to the Terms of Use. If you do not respect them, you should not register. Registration and use of our website, implies full acceptance of these by the member.


Member / User:
Designates one or all of the user (s) of services website LEBOOST CAMBODIA, validly registered to use LEBOOST CAMBODIA. Whether owner or manager of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, shops, special or other.
Terms of Use:
means this contract.

Access / Registration

To be a member of the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA you must be 18 years and have completed all required fields on the registration form.

Equipment (computers, software, telecommunications ...) for access to the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA are the sole responsibility of the user, as well as telecommunication costs incurred by their use.

Data provided by the user must be accurate and truthful. The user agrees to provide a real email address which it owns. In case of non receipt of messages from our service, you waive any legal action or claim against LEBOOST CAMBODIA.

Right of withdrawal

According to the law, anyone has a right to access, rectify and delete information about him.

This right is exercised with

Or by sending an email to:


Bonds boost:

LEBOOST CAMBODIA provides a range of services available online via the Internet.

User obligations:

Comply with these Terms of Use and comply with laws and respect the rights of third parties.
Do not divert our capabilities originally intended use.

Communicate only personal information whose dissemination can you in any way be detrimental to yourself, users and the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA.

Behave loyal LEBOOST CAMBODIA and its users.
Respect the intellectual property rights vis-à-vis the contents provided by users and of LEBOOST CAMBODIA.

Not for distribution of information or content that is not consistent with reality or content contravenes the rights of others or abusive, libelous, offensive, violent or inciting political violence, obscene, racist or xenophobic, and overall content contrary to the laws and regulations, morality or the subject of the information society LEBOOST CAMBODIA or disrupting the normal use of the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA or slowing down the communication between members.

If one or more of these rules are not followed LEBOOST CAMBODIA has the ability to automatically delete litigious messages, to block the account of the member concerned or to prevent the publication and / or block access to our services temporarily or permanently, for no consideration.

LEBOOST CAMBODIA disclaims any responsibility for meetings between members and non members with the use of its website and its services and shall not be liable for any misrepresentation that may be made.

Obligations of seller:

All the ads and the firms in LEBOOST CAMBODIA are checked before they are posted.

Any company can freely access through a username and password to its information and online ads. It can modify or delete their information.

Privacy / Security / Privacy Policy

LEBOOST CAMBODIA protects the privacy and personal data and the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés) under number awaiting allocation, French authority for the protection of personal data.

Some content (photography, among others), data and information that members can provide an optional, can reveal the nationality of the member's sexual orientation and / or religion. By providing this information, optional, the member expresses his desire and his explicit consent to the treatment of these "sensitive" data by LEBOOST CAMBODIA and freely takes the liberty exclusive.

Each member may at any time modify or delete their information directly to the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA

Information about the user profile, provided by him, are used for services of the company LEBOOST CAMBODIA and accessible directly on the website.

Each member may, upon registration or at any later time, ask to receive or stop receiving the newsletter LEBOOST CAMBODIA, and / or emails sent to him.

Some information, not personal, may still be collected, such as the version of your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape ...), your IP address and your operating system (Mac, Windows ...). Such technical information is only intended to provide better service by LEBOOST CAMBODIA.

Intellectual Property

Texts, graphic charter and logo contained on the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA are the intellectual property of LEBOOST MEDIA or its partners and can in no way be represented, reproduced or used without the express permission of LEBOOST CAMBODIA under penalty of law .

By becoming a member of LEBOOST CAMBODIA website you agree to grant a license to LEBOOST CAMBODIA, covering the information in your profile, for the promotion and implementation of our services. This license covers the distribution, representation, translation, copying, printing of all website content. Printing is allowed within the limits of private use, as the overall use of the website content. Any other use, by the member, is prohibited without the prior written permission of LEBOOST CAMBODIA.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, download, transmit, distribute, commercially exploit and / or distribute in any way the web pages LEBOOST CAMBODIA, codes for elements comprising the services and the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA, and the services of the website themselves.
It is also forbidden to use robots for performing automatic operations on the website, to copy pages of the website, retrieve data etc..

The print is permitted for private copying for the exclusive use of the copier as defined in Article L.122-5-2 of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any other use is forbidden without your permission LEBOOST CAMBODIA society.

Member Responsibility


Each member is responsible for its interactions with other members of the website and its general behavior. It is also responsible for the information and content that he decided to inform other members of the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA. This information must be accurate and truthful. So each member waives any claim against any possible damage LEBOOST CAMBODIA on his right to privacy of her private life, image, or to his credit, that could result from the dissemination or disclosure of information about it.

LEBOOST CAMBODIA is therefore not responsible for the accuracy of the veracity of information and content provided by members of the website or information issued by a member that could violate the rights of one or more other members.

The quality of services website LEBOOST CAMBODIA, as required by its members by us, involves the fulfillment of a certain ethical behavior and the expression of its members, compliance with laws and regulations as well as the rights of third. Serving the requirement of ethics, individual responsibility and quality, we allow any member to report on our website behavior, speech or data (photograph, text) that appear to infringe the regulations and laws, vis-à-vis the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA, morality or the rights of third.
Members accept and recognize when their behavior, their words and the data they provide, are subject to moderation and controlled by LEBOOST CAMBODIA, and / or an alert by other members according to objective assessment criteria. In the event of a report showing a violation of the terms of use or laws and regulations, on behalf of the member in question may be terminated.

Failure of a member to fulfill against him under the law or these terms of use, which would seek responsibility LEBOOST CAMBODIA, implies that the member is committed to ensuring LEBOOST CAMBODIA against any conviction against him , covering, too, attorney's fees, court costs and expenses that would be eventually paid to his office.

Changes to Terms of Use

LEBOOST CAMBODIA can change and evolve at any time the pages of the website , its services and these terms and conditions of use. These changes will take effect as soon as they are online and immediately applicable, without prejudice to the possibility for any member to terminate its registration LEBOOST CAMBODIA website.


These general conditions are governed, construed and enforced in accordance with French law, language interpretation being French in case of dispute about the meaning of a term or provision of these Terms of Use . Subject to public order applicable to the jurisdiction, the courts of Phnom Penh will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute relating hereto, including, without this list being exhaustive, validity, interpretation, implementation and / or termination and its consequences.

Companies mentioned

Information on companies, people and events on the website LEBOOST CAMBODIA are made and updated in a declarative mode LEBOOST CAMBODIA that releases from liability.

This information is stored securely. They may be transmitted, reproduced and / or disseminated, as expressly provided herein, to all of our partners and / or third parties. If you do not want this broadcast you can prevent or terminate your account and erasing the data directly on the website.

Hyperlinks / Partnerships

LEBOOST CAMBODIA allows any website to link pointing at after a written request by mail or by mail to the webmaster. After our express permission you can link to on your website. All links of this type take place subject to legal provisions. We reserve the right without notice at any time without having to justify our decision to prohibit such relationships, leaving 2 business days to the person concerned to stop here.

Without prior permission, no online website by a third party under a different URL is permitted.


Cookies are used on LEBOOST CAMBODIA, when you visit our website to avoid entering your password and username, simplifying your access. You can disable the use of cookies by changing the preferences in your browser.

Collection of information containing names

The user information is intended for LEBOOST CAMBODIA they allow us to continuously improve our website. We can still be brought to transmit them to our partners or third parties. If you do not want this broadcast you can prevent or terminate your account and erasing the data directly on the website.

minimum computer configuration (browser, resolution, Virus, operating, equipment)

The user of the website acknowledge that they have the means, equipment and skills to access and use our website. Access to the website, its use and a good navigation requires the following minimum requirements:

This website is optimized for all resolutions and browsers Internet Explorer 5 + and higher, Netscape 6 and above and Firefox.

The user acknowledges having verified that the configuration computer is virus and is in perfect working order.

Although all means necessary quality control, have been put in place, LEBOOST CAMBODIA LLC, assumes no liability for the use, accuracy or quality of the results that remain in all cases under the control and responsibility of the user. As a result, LEBOOST CAMBODIA not in any way be held liable for any malfunction whatsoever denial of the bids submitted by customers through the software.

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