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Sunday Brunch & shop at the D22

Tuesday 17 May 2016 by Amy

Sunday Brunch at The D22 / The H22 -Tama Hotel Phnom Penh Tower. Chill Out Music featuring Euan Gray & Phil. 22nd May from 11:00am to 3:00 pm. No Entrance Fee.

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Let's chill & relax and spend time with great music by Euan Gray & Phil on 22nd May. This is the first time for us to create brunch event, and this 22nd event, we will collaborate with AMBOH Espadrille, Travel Roll and SAMAI Distillery.

The D22 will serve you special brunch menu and offers kids space that kids can enjoy playing around and prepare bunch of kid's toy for all youngs!
The D22 provides special brunch drink with Savana Apple Cider as well.

Information of collaborate companies

AMBOH Espadrille
Espadrille, originaly from south west of France, is a casual easy to wear "silp-on" shoe made from natural products. Amboh, literally fabric yarn in Khmer, produces handmade espadrille that fits the new Cambodian way of life.
Amboh espadrille, based in Phnom Penh, is a product of Cambodia handcrafted by Cambodian women. All the fabrics they use have been traded in Cambodia and the most iconic one, the Cambodian Krama, which is traditionally made by countryside families, is the flagship product of the brand. Amboh espadrille has been designed for any situation from casual, classy, simple, gentle to fashion.
Espadrille are famous all around the world specially during the summer season when you have short pants or a skirt on, going to the beach, for a city walk or an evening with friends.

Travel Roll -Raphaël Seyfried- Artist
He grews up on the family farm in a small village near Strasbourg in eastern France. After the regional planning studies, environmental education, visual communications and landscape architecture, it was time to go on the road. Having long dreamed of travel, is decided on 1 October 2014 to quit his job in a well-off urban planning and architecture office in Switzerland. Traveling to meet , to discover , to draw ... but especially after Albania , Greece, New Zealand and Australia, there I was in Cambodia for four months . The numerous meetings on the way, encouraged me to "do something of my drawings ," that is why he decided to try it here in Cambodia.
He tries to draw and to get off the beaten track in Cambodia, as well as possible. Here the first roller to the unusual size of 15 cm x 150 cm has a different combination of original rolls. It is published with the number of 500 copies, all numbered, signed and stamped. Wound on your library as a modern relic box or in a table atypical format, through a sensitive eye and felt that the roll is as a Buddhist prayer telling a part of the history and Cambodian life.
Having traveled much of the West Country , his project is to discover Cambodia and is obviously good to continue drawing and then propose a book with all of his work .

SAMAI Distillery
SAMAI Distillery is a Handcraft Rum & Spirits Distiller, the first local brand to produce Premium Rum.
Currently, they have launched their PX Limited Edition Samai Rum Liqueur. This first edition of their limited rums is matured in the finest ex-Sherry American oak barrels used to age exquisite Pedro Ximenez sweet wine from Spain. Silky with beautiful notes of plums, figs, and raisins. You will experience a long finish of chocolate, coffee and toffee. To be enjoyed neat, as a digestive with dessert, or with a Cuban cigar. It's just from a single barrel with only 388 bottles available.

Please save the date for this special event on 22nd and come to relax and spend time with your family and friends! Smile)


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