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Theater Phnom Penh


Listing of Theater Phnom Penh
Black Box Theatre Hun Neang Boulevard, Theater Phnom Penh
077 766 336 -

chaktomuk hall theater phnom penh,

chaktomuk hall

Preah Sisovath,, Theater Phnom Penh,
Chaktomouk Hall was built by Vann Molyvann in the 1960s and completed in 1961 when Cambodia was still free and peaceful. The 570-seat auditorium's structure was inspired by an unfolded hand-held fan as Chaktomuk Hall flares out like a hand-held fan. The hall, on the banks of the Tonlé Sap river in Phnom Penh, is still in use...

CHENLA THEATER Corner bld Mao Tse Toung and Bld Preah Monireth, Theater Phnom Penh

Movie&Chill st 614, Theater Phnom Penh
099 880 168 -

THE NATIONAL CIRCUS Assembly street, Theater Phnom Penh

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