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Phnom Penh

For a selection of shops around Phnom Penh, LebOOst provides you with a guide to a wide variety of options. You'll find shimmering silks shops, scented beauty supplies and handmade knives. There are shops offering one-of-a-kind clothing, from exotic French lingerie to trendy fashions to unique, funky fashion designs. There are even places where you can pick up a last-minute gift, takeaway beverage or beauty or medical product.

Listing of Shop Phnom Penh
artisans d´angkor shop phnom penh


12AEo, Ang Eng (St. 13), Shop Phnom Penh
023 992 409 -
Artisans Angkor stands out in a country filled with silk and sculptures. Run by an organization dedicated to training young people in the art of their ancestors, this beautiful shop offers a selection of brilliantly-coloured silks, beautiful lacquer ware, stone carvings, bas-reliefs and...

bobo shop phnom penh


202 Street 19, Shop Phnom Penh
078 676 239 -
bobo offers a range of handcrafted decorative items, fashion and lifestyle products sourced from around the globe with particular emphasis on South East Asia. Located in Phnom Penh on Street 19 behind the Royal Palace, bobo showcases products that have been...

bodia nature shop phnom penh


10 Street: 178, Shop Phnom Penh
077 322 685 -
Lemongrass, Agarwood, Kaffir Lime and Ginger - just a small portion of the lovely natural stuff Bodia Nature use to complete their beautiful range of products. Created with one thing in mind - relaxation, Bodia Nature is a thoroughly unique brand. Step into their stores to...

comme a la maison ( toul kork) shop phnom penh


Thai Huot Building - 6, street 592, Shop Phnom Penh
012 951 869 -
"Fancy a little slice of France in your plate ? Be it a delicious, freshly baked croissant, a comforting cappucino to start your day or a last minute ready-to-heat Coq au Vin to save tonight's dinner, Comme a la Maison's deli is Phnom Penh's reference for authentic, freshly baked delicatessen fare. This lovely French...

confirel showroom shop phnom penh


57 Street 178, Shop Phnom Penh
012 981 724 -
Confirel is a socially responsible enterprise offering a large assortment of authentic Khmer products. From the palm sugar (Thnot), offered in a variety of ways such as palm wines, spirits, candies and vinegar to the Kampot Pepper available in an herbal tea and a seasoning sauce; Confirel...

couleurs d'asie shop phnom penh


33 street 240, Shop Phnom Penh
023 221 075 -
Since 1997, Couleurs d´Asie has developed a wide range of home textile for decoration, table, accessories and gifts. Curtains, blinds, kakemonos, cushions, bed and table linen, etc. are crafted by our talented seamstresses, from Cambodian silk and other top-quality fabrics to give your home a...

daisy boutique shop phnom penh


750eo, st 240, Cheychomnas Doun Penh, Shop phnom penh
017 522 254 -
Daisy Boutique features original designs created by two Cambodian sisters. Opened in 2012, the high-end boutique offers ready-to-wear clothes of impeccable quality and unique flair for everyone to enjoy. With garments made on the premises, the exquisite tailoring can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit and...

decosy shop phnom penh


#219, street 19, Shop Phnom Penh
023 219 253 -
Decosy is one of Phnom Penh's foremost furniture and design companies. Decosy centrally located shop offers all that you need to furnish your home—from tables, bed, cupboards and shelves to attractive decorative items. They also produce a range of furniture for babies and...

estampe st 174 shop phnom penh


# 72c Street 174, Shop Phnom Penh
012 826 186 -
Estampe shop is a unique Phnom Penh outlet offering objects of interest reminiscent of another era. Estampe features a collection of vintage items such as photos, books, maps and travellers' notebooks. There are reproductions of old posters and advertisements, limited editions of original...

estampe st 19 shop phnom penh


street 19 house 197a, Shop Phnom Penh
Estampe shop is a unique Phnom Penh outlet offering objects of interest reminiscent of another era. Estampe features a collection of vintage items such as photos, books, maps, jewelry, bags, stickers, travellers' notebooks, reproductions of old posters and advertisements....

kashaya silk shop phnom penh


55Eo, street 240, Shop Phnom Penh
023 992 714 -
Shimmering, vivid silks, and hand-woven hemp, created by Catherine Theron and handmade in Kashaya's own weaving centre, are among some of the treasures you'll find at Kashaya Silk. Kashaya Silk is an elegant shop which offers a colorful selection of...

la brioche shop phnom penh


#313, Sisowath Quay (in Hotel Cambodiana), Shop Phnom Penh
023 426 288 -
One of the most famous bakery in town, La Brioche is perfect for those young and old who need their daily fix for Phnom Penh's finest baked delicacies including chocolates, cakes, pastries, made-to-order sandwiches and freshly baked breads. The specialty of the chef is the banana cake, and you will enjoy amazing homemade ice...

living i ching decor shop phnom penh


#85, Sothearos Boulevard, Shop Phnom Penh
023 220 873 -
Living IChing Decor is more than an interior design company: we are a lifestyle company, bringing stylish and creative design to Cambodia's homes, offices, restaurants and hotels. Living IChing Decor design and custom make everything from sofas, beds, dining tables,...

senteurs d'angkor shop phnom penh


#33BE0, Street 178, Shop Phnom Penh
023 99 25 12 -
Senteurs D'Angkor is a shop on Phnom Penh St 178 selling natural products inspired by the scents and flavours of Cambodia. Senteurs D'Angkor's scents collection includes natural body care products, traditional balms, candles, incenses & pure oils. Natural aromas such as...

silk and pepper shop phnom penh


33 street 178, Shop Phnom Penh
023 222 692 -
Silk and Pepper offers unique, original handcrafted products, including contemporary silk items, homeware, jewellery and the famous Kampot pepper, all of which make ideal gifts. With embroidered bed sheets, carved tableware, delightful decorated animals & quirky modern mugs, each visit to...

Adidas Corner of St. 315 & St. 516, Khan Toul Kork store B12, Shop Phnom Penh
023 985 040 -

AND artisandesginer st 240, Shop Phnom Penh
023 224 713 -

ANGKOR BEAUTY HANDICRAFTS #33, Street 178, Shop Phnom Penh
012 555 111 -

ART STEEL #87, Street 240, Shop Phnom Penh
012 890 916 -

023 213 904 -

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