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CONFIREL Showroom - Phnom Penh


Tel: 012 981 724
57 Street 178 Phnom Penh

Confirel is a socially responsible enterprise offering a large assortment of authentic Khmer products.

From the palm sugar (Thnot), offered in a variety of ways such as palm wines, spirits, candies and vinegar to the Kampot Pepper available in an herbal tea and a seasoning sauce; Confirel developed a range of high-quality traditional products.

Those products are grown naturally to ensure their best quality. Thus, farmers are proud of giving the best of Cambodian soil to guarantee an exceptional taste to the customers.

Confirel believes in reviving a major natural resource of the country, the Thnot, in order to provide to the countryside an additional income to improve their living conditions and to avoid the rural exodus.

Confirel products can be tasted at the showroom on St.178, close to the University of Fine Arts. Discover a place packed with a huge selection of delicious products to delight each and every taste!

"Confirel highlights traditional Khmer products to give their worth value back; and it tastes delicious!"

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Monday - Sunday : 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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