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AND artisandesginer - Phnom Penh

AND Artisandesginer

Tel: 023 224 713
st 240 12000 Phnom Penh

A.N.D. is a Cambodian fair trade brand, working with local artisans to blend design development with traditional skills.

Although hand-weaving, wood carving, basket-making and many other local skills are still practiced in Cambodia, it can be rare to find artisans with a grasp of what is demanded by the international market.

A.N.D.'s two founders, from Cambodia and England respectively, draw on their backgrounds in artisanal skills, and in design. Fusing these together, they work with many local producers to create hand-generated ranges of fashion, fashion accessories and home


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Monday - Sunday : 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

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