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Tel: 077 657678
#65, Street 178, Phnom Penh Phnom Penh

Daughters of Cambodia is a faith-based non-Government organization reaching out to victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia.

In June 2010 Daughters opened its own new visitor centre. This is a beautiful space housing several Daughters' businesses, to which the public can come and learn about our work, be educated about the issues and realities of sex trafficking in Cambodia and support the work of Daughters through the many customer opportunities; the visitor centre houses a café, a shop, and a women's spa. We employ around 15 girls there, some of whom are training as managers and other positions of responsibility.

The cafe, called Sugar 'n Spice, serves light lunches (salads, sandwiches), a few main courses, lots of home baked goodies (our now famous brownie is the best Phnom Penh has on offer), great coffee, delicious desserts and some original smoothies you will want to write home about. The cafe is intended as a place for vocational training, where new clients will train and then have the opportunity to graduate into working in top end restaurants and hotels. The chef training program is conducted by an amazing chef from New Zealand who has trained the clients a very high standard. The café offers comfy sofas, free wifi, plus unbeatable prices! It is not surprising our customers keep coming back.

The shop sells the beautiful products made in Daughters' Sewing Room and includes clothing, accessories (jewellery, bags, scarves etc), and home furnishings. Jewellery is made on site and visitors can watch this being produced en route to the women's spa and visitor exhibitions.

The women's spa specializes in head, shoulder and face massage, along with hand and food treatments including massage and pedicures/manicures. A registered Canadian massage therapist trained the girls, and as a result they have highly professional skills.

The visitor exhibitions are a first in Cambodia, and an opportunity for the public to learn about sex trafficking and to read some of the personal reflections of the girls who have survived, and now thrive, at Daughters. These include information boards scattered around the building, along with a slide show presentation in our dedicated presentation room, which gives insight into the issues and problems faced by victims of trafficking, and the solutions Daughters is able to offer.

Customer feedback so far includes; 'We really enjoyed our visit, the food was great and served in good portions. What an inspiring business - the slide show was very moving, and presented the trafficking situation well. Thankyou and good luck to all the girls'; 'The food and service at the cafe was wonderful! I definately would love to come back soon'; 'What a gorgous place - I could stay and browse in the shop for ages. Beautiful food and super service in the cafe' (Australia); and 'Service was gracious and efficient, the environment & setting is beautiful. I will be telling all I know to come here' (UK).


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