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News: ASEANForum Magazine Launch

ASEANForum Magazine Launch

March 4 will see the launch of ASEANForummagazine, a new regional business magazine published in Phnom Penh, at Mara Restaurant Phnom Penh.

With the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015, the business spotlight will be turned on the 600 million plus population of ASEAN. Published by the same team as produces AsiaLIFE Cambodia, the new magazine promises astute and impartial editorial, international quality design and striking photography. ASEANForumwill provide local, informed insight into both Cambodia and the wider region....

News: Where to admire the magnificent Penh from?

Where to admire the magnificent Penh from?

Your Favorite town expends very fast. Catch up with it and introduce the best places to your friends!!

Phnom Penh is one of a south-east Asia pearl but sometimes the crowd in the city unable you to discover this magnificent capital.
That is why we suggest you different venues to relax far from all the bustle of the city.

Rooftop to have an incredible views over the city:


News: 2014: a festive year to remember in pictures!

2014: a festive year to remember in pictures!

Leboost gives you a pictures return of 2014, which was a great year to spend in the fabulous Penh. Remember and enjoy.

January is the month to wish your beloved ones the good year, but is also the perfect time to make good resolutions and - more difficult - try to keep them.
At Leboost, our main resolution is to keep being the active actor and partner of all the best parties that are organized in dynamic Phnom Penh.
We feel confident that this year will bring a lot of memorable events, but before joining them, we would like...

News: បទពិសោធឆ្ន ាំថ្ីមសៅក្ុនងប្បសទសក្ម្ុពជា

បទពិសោធឆ្ន ាំថ្ីមសៅក្ុនងប្បសទសក្ម្ុពជា

ពិតណាស់៧ថ្ថ្ៃបន្ទាប់ពីចូលរម្ួរក្ីរាយថ្ថ្ៃបុណ្យអូអអលជាម្ួយអាហារដ៏ឆ្ៃញ់, សយើងប្តឡប់ម្ក្សសៀលក្ពាក្់យ៉ាងស្សស់ោាត,អងុគយសៅអននក្ខាងម្ុខថ្ៃចាៃម្ូហបដ៏ឆ្ៃញ់ជា សប្ចើៃ ៃិងអ ៃ៉ា តានងអដរសពារសពញសៅ ...

English Language

បាទ/ចាស,តាម្ពិតជាសរៀងរាល់ឆ្ន ាំសេប្បារពធពិធីដូចៗគ្នន សៅតាម្អនៃការ/រសបៀបវារៈដូចជា: ម្ូហបឆ្ៃញ់ៃិងជាអាហារសពលល្ងៃចដ៏បិៃប្បសប់ជាម្ួយម្ិតតភក្ិឬតប្ក្ុម្ប្េួោរអដលតាម្ពី សប្កាយសោយការជប់សលៀងជាម្ួយៃឹងការបាញ់កាាំប្ជួច,ពពុុះ,ៃិងជាសប្ចើៃថ្ៃផ្កា ប្ក្ោស (ផ្កា...

The Creem Pool Party #1
Friday 27 February 2015
Qba Love Night
Saturday 14 February 2015
Spice @ Bouchon By The Creem
Friday 13 February 2015
OPEN WINE Bar Phnom Penh
219, Street 19
BOBO Shop Phnom Penh!
202 Street 19


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