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News: Victor Ang - The Art Of Sharing

Victor Ang - The Art Of Sharing

"My life is a continuing journey of trials and lessons, ever unfolding onto my paintings..."

In the 80s, Victor Ang studied Chinese floral brush painting, calligraphy and seal carving under renowned artists, Master Liu Ming Chew, Master Wong Yi and Master Chen Wen Xi. His mentors saw the potential in him and urged him to participate in local and international exhibitions where he was awarded much recognition in the International Chinese Seal Carving arena in Korea.

In the 90s, Victor broke away from...

News: Do you, do you Beaujolais Nouveau?

Do you, do you Beaujolais Nouveau?

After the harvest ended last September, you were probably wondering what would come next on the wine planet. Maybe you were not. Maybe you were more focusing on how to shape your moustache for Movember. However there IS actually something going on.

THE beaujolais nouveau.
If you've never seen hundreds of euphoric Japanese taking wine baths & holding up their glasses to giant bottle-shaped fountains, well, you've definitely missed something!

In France the Beaujolais Nouveau is the first wine coming out of the vats after the maceration process every 3rd Thursdays of November. It is highly symbolic of course since it represents the final product of a...

News: Wind of change @ Open Wine

Wind of change @ Open Wine

The wine is carefully selected, the food is as generous as delicious and lovingly prepared, waiters are friendly... no doubt, you are at Open Wine!

Opened 6 years ago, this charming French restaurant now evolves to delight more our taste buds. A new decoration, more welcoming and convivial makes you feel like sitting in a Parisian brasserie during The Crazy Years…or rather a Toulousaine one.

Indeed, Open wine menu has also changed for the best, with a focus on the gastronomic cuisine from the Southwest of France: foie gras, cote de boeuf, escargots...

News: The Water Festival, a unique event

The Water Festival, a unique event

After three years of interruption, tomorrow finally begins the Water Festival Celebrations. With two million people expected, it is one of the major traditional festivals in Cambodia.

Ritually attached to the full moon of November, it marks the end of the flood and the maturing of crops. It also celebrates the reverse current of the Tonle Sap river: when the lake drains into the river, a unique event in the world.
Celebrated throughout Southeast Asia, however, each country however has its own peculiarities. In Cambodia, it is generally known today as Bom Om Teuk and it is celebrated in all...

4th Anniversary & Revamp Party
Friday 21 November 2014
Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 - Live...
Thursday 20 November 2014
Terra Cognita By Thomas-pierre
Saturday 15 November 2014
33 street 178
DOORS Bar Phnom Penh!
18, street 84


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