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News: Phnom Penh Designers week - 2014

Phnom Penh Designers week - 2014

Artistic Vision will be the 3rd edition of the Phnom Penh Designers, it will be held on 25th - 26th -27th at The Plantation. This edition is a combination of talent, technical knowledge and aesthetic sense of each designer/artist.

Phnom Penh Designers Week is showcasing the unique works of our 10 truly amazing designers:
-Day one: Uber - Jasmine - Armada.
-Day two: Kool As U - A.N.D - Don Protasio.
-Day three: Waterlily- Kims & Uno Sky- Hello Hello- Coco Wellington & Two Wonders.

Daily schedule is as below:
> 6pm: guests arrival > 6:30pm-7:30pm: cocktail reception > 7:30pm-8:30pm: Runway presentation >...

News: Launch of PLUMM wineglasses in Cambodia

Launch of PLUMM wineglasses in Cambodia

Plumm and Auskhmer are pleased to announce you their partnership for the Launch in Cambodia of the Australian owned and branded glassware brand.

First Australian designed range of wine specific glassware. Launched in late 2009, designed with the wine industry and restaurant professionals.

The Plumm story is one of simplicity, elegance, balance and pleasure. Born of the wine industry from extensive testing and research by a select group of world experts including winemakers, sommeliers, wine judges. They concluded that five different glass types is all...

News: Movie: PP, the high-tech entertainment spot

Movie: PP, the high-tech entertainment spot

Cinema aficionados will find that Phnom Penh offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy films from around the globe.

The major cinema complexes house multiple screens showing Asian and international films in both 2D and 3D. Depending on the country of origin films will usually have Khmer or English subtitles. Those originally in English tend to be predominantly blockbusters and animated children's movies. As with cinemas around the world an array of drinks and snacks are on offer, including popcorn. The air conditioning is also...



While visiting a spa may seem a luxurious treat reserved for special occasion in some countries, in many places in Asia this is a regular activity for many. Phnom Penh is no exception, with an endless array of options to suit all tastes.

One reason for the popularity of visiting spas in Cambodia is the comparatively low prices, making pampering yourself seem more of an affordable option on a regular basis. Another factor may be the prolific availability of walk-in spas. Rather than waiting weeks for an appointment, as at spas in areas where these are few and far between, in Phnom Penh the wait time is more likely to be minutes only. All you have...

Soulnight Nr. 8
Friday 12 September 2014
Dj Yuria
Friday 05 September 2014
Wine Tasting Night
Friday 05 September 2014
ESTAMPE Shop Phnom Penh
# 72c Street 174
RED APRON Bar Phnom Penh!
15-17 street 240


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