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News: Oktoberfest: The biggest party in Phnom Penh

Oktoberfest: The biggest party in Phnom Penh

Created in 1810, the annual Oktoberfest in Munich is the world's largest fun fair. It is today a 16-days festival and attracted 6.4 million people in 2013.

Partygoers in Cambodia can celebrate it too. For the past 6 years, Oktoberfest Cambodia has become a much-anticipated annual cultural event, organized by the German Business Group (ADW). It is the greatest annual party for locals, expats and visitors to Phnom Penh with 3,000 people joining every year.

Oktoberfest Cambodia offers fun, great German food and playful activities including an animating Bavarian music...

News: GO ON the new trendy drink arrives in PP

GO ON the new trendy drink arrives in PP

Go on is an energy cocktail made in France. Made from premium Vodka, Guarana, Ginseng, Ginger, Go On has the quality of a rare product decorated with sparkling bubbles. Be the first one to taste it thanks to our lucky draw

You think your parties need colors and trendiness, Go on arrive in two colors for two different tastes. The red one with its fruity taste and the white one with its passion fruit and caramel flavor will make you look into the mood of partying.
You need kick during your parties? With its natural ingredients Go on will give you the second wind you need to continue your night.

Available in 20cl and 75cl you...

News: Famous DJ DADDY K in Phnom Penh for 2 shows!!

Famous DJ DADDY K in Phnom Penh for 2 shows!!

Duplex and Pontoon Club are glad to host DJ DADDY K For 2 nights of performance on October 3rd and 4th.

DJ Daddy K born Alain is involved into the Hip-Hop culture since day one. He started his passion for this culture in 1982 with the break-dance and became with his group ‘Dynamic Three' the European Champion in 1986.

As a Hip-Hop Lover he touched all the aspects of the culture but he is more attracted by the art of DJ'ing.

He putted his first ‘scratch' in Studio on the first Rap Record made in Belgium called...



French Is Good is taking you on a journey on Kanika Boat, next Friday, September the 26th !

Get on board of Kanika boat for a 2-hour smart and French cruise. On the Menu? Cocktails, wine, music, styled and elegant people!

The French touch is also about French gastronomy: the gourmet finger food will delight your view and taste !

Don't miss the French Cruise, next Friday, 18:30 on Kanika Boat !...

Go On Launch!! The New Trendy...
Thursday 16 October 2014
Jamaican Oldies Night
Saturday 11 October 2014
Daddy K
Saturday 04 October 2014
ESTAMPE Shop Phnom Penh
# 72c Street 174
RED APRON Bar Phnom Penh!
15-17 street 240


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